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  Shandong Jingbo Group Corporation Yuncheng County glass industry only registered her, like a bright pearl was born in Shuihu hometown --- Yuncheng earth, he marked the China glass high-end technology and to a new level.  

  The crystal glass group in Shandong province is the first professional production of high-end handmade crystal glass white material, high white material mechanism of glass bottles, glass cover, lighting lamps, perfume bottles, pots, cups and all kinds of high-end glass manufacturers, she with a high starting point, high quality, won the new and old customers.

  Group Corporation registered capital of 58 million yuan, covers an area of more than 90 thousand square meters, has a subsidiary of 4. Is a research and development, design, production, sculpture, painting, baking and export as one of the integrated large-scale production enterprises. To meet the needs of customers one-stop service.  

  The company gathered a group of senior professionals, they are the result of years of precipitation, accumulated rich, advanced technology and management experience; and the introduction of the most advanced production equipment, standardized products neat degrees, improve product precision. Top quality and high quality service to crystal glass group by the consumer's trust and support, establish a good image of the product and the enterprise image. Medals record the pace of struggle; a trophy interpretation of the years a prize together with Jinghua; unremitting pursuit.

  The company staff is the owner of the enterprise, customer is the benefactor; brand is the fate of the enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise. The implementation of institutionalized, professional, standardized, and the world's docking management system, set a model for the industry. Quality oriented, crystal win, the pursuit of perfection and innovation as a relentless pursuit, over the past few years, we have been imitated, never been exceeded.

  Chairman Si Jinghe with the staff warmly welcome guests to visit us, and seek common development.


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