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  Shandong Jingbo Group Corporation Yuncheng County glass industry only registered her, like a bright pearl was born in Shuihu hometown --- Yuncheng earth, he marked the China glass high-end technology and to a new level.  

  The crystal glass group in Shandong province is the first professional production of high-end handmade crystal glass white material, high white material mechanism of glass bottles, glass cover, lighting lamps, perfume bottles, pots, cups and all kinds of high-end glass manufacturers, she with a high starting point, high quality, won the new and old customers......

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Shandong Jingbo Group Co.,Ltd

Free Hotline: 400-991-1117
Sales Dep:Cross the Qixing Hotel,Yuncheng County,
Add:Glass Park of Yuncheng Industry Zone,Heze City,Shandong Province,China